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About Us

Developing and implementing software applications through innovation and grit since 1997, Etech Global LLC is a privately-owned organization, specializing in software development, with offices in Brooklyn, New York, USA  and main R & D centre in Kingston, Jamaica.


We have developed and implemented cutting edge applications that are easy-to-use, scalable and customizable, by utilizing the latest software engineering techniques, and communications technologies. 


Our aim is corporate restructuring and redefining of industries, resulting in the overall increase in efficiency and profitability of organizations.




Our Business Management Application Division provides software solution.. SardonyxTMS  this is a complete end-to-end reservation, logistics and fleet management, back-office  system for companies that are involved in the tour & leisure travel industry, ranging in sizes from small companies to large multinational corporations.


Our Homeland Security Software Division provides software solutions for the public safety domain, specifically crime management, intelligence management, border control security, government, military and law enforcement agencies.




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