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SardonyxTMS Benefits


Complete comprehensive reservation management end - to -end software for the entire leisure travel industry.


SardonyxTMS provides integrated software solutions for Tour Operators , DMCs  Ground Transfer Operators , Itinerary PlannersTravel Agencies .


SardonyxTMS integrated solution provide a full suite of business processing tools  that  manage your transactions across all spectrum of operations inclusive of back office automation. Key benefits include:


Instant Scalable Access


               SardonyxTMS ready on the Go...


Simple, easy, on-the-go. With SardonyxTMS, you gain 24/7 access, worry-free maintenance, and the ability to reach your clients wherever they are. What this means for our customers is that with SardonyxTMS there is no hardware to purchase, customers get free support and upgrades, system is deployed in a matter of days and new innovations are rolled out rapidly. SardonyxTMS enables our customers to scale revenues, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction - all in a pay-as-you go subscription-based model.


Tailored for your business


               SardonyxTMS Ready -made for You...


At every stage, SardonyxTMS...

SardonyxTMS offers functionalities for businesses of all size- Startups - to large operators. We 'right-fit' the solution to suit your peculiarities thus assuring you get the very best value for your money as we increase the efficiencies of your operations.


Basic reservation, invoicing and receiptings? Or sophisticated central reservation processing to dispatch, daily reconciliation management ? Whatever your business’s growth stage, SardonyxTMS is ideal for you.

Gain insights into your business


               SardonyxTMS increase productivity...


At every stage, SardonyxTMS..


  • Intuitive easy to use system

  • Service customers through a central reservation management system for managing back-office operations, bookings, CRM and accounting

  • Rapid roll out of new innovative features

  • Manage your accounts and  business performance

  • 3rd Party accounting interface

  • All reports can be exported to Excel for BI Analysis

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