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Installation & Provisioning



We will complete installation of SardonyxTMS software, this can be done remotely , or site visit. There is also the option of using hosting services, which involves  the provisiong of your cloud sever with SardonyxTMS.



Project Management


Successful Implementation of an integrated Tour Operator Software is key to the growth and management of your business. To maximize efficiency of SardonyxTMS  , our first step in implementation involves detail requirement elicitation; this is achieved by meeting with senior management, supervisors and key members of each of your operation departments.  The process involves


  • Conduct an analysis of your current business process;


  • Jointly redesign your business processes to fit industry best-practice methods;


  • Identify weaknesses and help you devise solutions for their resolution;


The result of this  process will meet the following objectives:



  • To obtain a detailed picture of operational, accounting and reporting requirements


  • To establish the modules to be implemented and scope  of customization if needed


  • To establish reports required  and frequency  of usage to assist your management and staff to increase productivity and company profitability.


  • Establish practical implementation plan including specific tasks, staff allocation, training dates and  go live! strategy


We are aware that during this process obstacles may present itself in different shapes  and forms and this is why we always use a collaborative approach.


This tried and proven process always ensure you get the very best implementation and usage of SardonysTMS.


Database Management


We offer  a professional database management service to assist you in maximising the use of SardonyxTMS.  We ensure that your transition to SardonyxTMS  is as seamless and efficient as possible, we are dedicated to assist you in this process. proper configuration of your database is the key to all of SardonyxTMS functionalities ; including reservation , dispatch , accounting and reporting . All aspects  SardonyxTMS relies on the detailed and accurate data which is entered in your database.


Our database specialists understand the nature and complexities of tourism/hospitality rate sheets.

We will expertly guide the process.

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