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SardonyxTMS is ...


Complete comprehensive reservation management end - to -end software for the entire leisure travel industry.


SardonyxTMS provides integrated software solutions for Tour Operators , Ground Transfer Operators , DMC's


SardonyxTMS integrated solution provide a full suite of business processing tools  that  manage your transactions across all spectrum of operations inclusive of back office automation. Some key software features include:


Integrated Functionalities


SardonyxTMS end - to - end transactional functionalities take a record seamlessly from reservation - to dispatch - to accounts - to analysis - to reports.


CRS : - Central Reservation System.

  • No more complicated workaround, no more spreadsheet, no more manual process.  Let us seamlessly and effortlessly manage your reservations.  Explore what we can do for your company: Tour Operators, Ground Transfer Operators, Itinerary Planners, Hotels, Travel Agencies.


Dispatch & Fleet Management

  • No more guess work. Stop leaving guest behind. SardonyxTMS will handle logistics for all types of reservation. Get your guests at the right place on time all the time. Optimize the deployment of your fleet and drivers. Maintenance Schedule & Inventory Tracking



  • Go Global -  be confident in knowing that your accounting transactions can be synchronized across mutliple countries. Multi-currency, Comprehensive Sales Tax setup, Multiple Branches are key globalization features available in SardonyxTMS.  Invoicing to receipting to customer statements are all linked to the reservation source.

System Wide Key Features


Data manipulation  for  presentation ,analysis, business intelligence and other such functions are everyday occurrences in todays companies. SardonyxTMS provides users with extensive integration  functions with reports.



  • All reports are exportable to MS Word, MS Excel ,PDF and other formats

  • All reports are live searchable!

  • Tree views, Group View

  • Unlimited number of reports can be viewed at the same time. Across modules, within modules or same report multiple times with each instance showing different filter criteria. Multiple reports can be loaded with the same transaction, or different transaction without the need to close existing reports.


In the leisure travel industry we know that transactions are regularly checked and crossed check , multiple reservations occurring at once, multiple reservations at diffrent stages that need to proceessed and more...  SardonyxTMS 'multiple instance' form access allows you to efficiently perform demanding reservation and supervisory functions.



  • Multiple instances of the same form can be opened for different transactions

  • Multiple instances of the same form can be opened for viewing existing  transaction

  • Spread sheet views are available for all transactions

  • Filters and custom filters  (like MS Excel)

  • Rearrange columns and sort by columns as needed for your personalize experience

Transaction Integrity & Audit Control


Superior data crunching.  Are your activities , customer, and transaction lists growing?  SardonyxTMS handles supersized data files with ease.


Increase productivity and accomplish essential tasks faster with simultaneous access for between 1 and 50 users.


System-wide change name routine


Comprehensive configurable user access



Reports & Analysis

Reports AndSS            


Get detail insight in your operation


SardonyxTMS includes critical reports made with your business in mind :

Tour Operators , Ground Transfer Operators , Itinerary Planners , Hotels, Travel Agencies.


See whats happening at each phase in the business process cycle of your operation.


Multiple Branches?  Multiple countries? Reports generated at the individial level or consolidated view


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